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Pomegranate elderflower & citrus

Looking for fresh ideas for your next cocktail party? Health seems to be on everybody’s mind these days and a healthy option on the menu can make it very tempting to indulge in an exotic cocktail.

This is where the pomegranate comes in. This ancient fruit has been found in writings and etched into artifacts of many cultures and religions for thousands of years and has come to represent such things as health, fertility and eternal life. It originated in ancient Persia and it’s botanical name is Punica granatum.

The pomegranate is rich in the polyphenols punicalagin, which is unique to pomegranates, and another called anthocyanin which gives it the red colour. These make it the most powerful anti-oxidant of all fruits.

It is a glorious heavy fruit and when opened contains many jewel like juicy red edible seeds. The dry climate of California Turkey and Spain produce some of the best pomegranate fruits in the world and in the northern hemisphere the season runs from September to February. In the southern hemisphere the season is March to May. Pomegranates are hardy and will grow in Australia provided they don’t get too much humidity.

Now back to the cocktail party. It wont be difficult to find some pomegranates for your cocktails. They might vary in price from season to season, but they will always be available. Open and deseed them in a bowl of water and the white pith will rise to the top. Strain the red arils into a bowl. You can juice them too.

White spirits and citrus fruits blend really well in a cocktail with pomegranate. This recipe will wow your cocktail party guests. Start with fine quality vodka like certified organic Swedish ‘Purity’ or Polish ‘Belvedere. Add some chunks of pink grapefruit, elderflower syrup or liqueur and pomegranate seeds.

Blood orange, Tahitian limes and lemons will also combine well and white Jamaican rum can be substituted for vodka.

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