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Authentic Margarita

You don’t know what you are missing if you’ve never had good Mexican food and a side of authentic Margaritas. They go together so well and guarantee a good night is had by all. Just remember the designated driver. There are many theories as to the origin of the margarita but it is safe to say it was somewhere around Mexico and some time around the 1930’s.

Many people want to claim it as their own however the true origin may never truly be known as time moves on. Margaritas are traditionally made with a shot of tequila, splash of orange triple sec and a squeeze of lime. This is poured over ice in a cocktail glass with salt added to the rim.

There are many exciting twists on this magical cocktail, however it can be truly marvellous with tahitian lime, blood orange, pink grapefruit or meyer lemon. Garnished with slices of multicoloured citrus and a fresh pitted cherry.

El Toro Tequila was always our favourite and of course the infamous worm always guaranteed a party conversation.

It was intriguing to see that musician Jimmy Buffet loved the margarita so much that he created his own resort called ‘Margaritaville’ on the beach front of Negril in Jamaica where the golden sunsets are so spectacular they will etch themselves in your mind forever. Sitting in your beach front cabana, sipping margaritas and listening to reggae music. What could be better than that. Create your own little piece of paradise right at home with your next party. Try margaritas with a twist:

Margarita Recipe
shot of El Toro tequila
splash of cointreau
squeeze of tahitian lime
pink himalayan salt

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